An Invitation


   The World to Come cordially invites you to participate in what we believe can be a significant part of God’s work. If you believe the Great Gospel of God’s soon coming kingdom can be served by this music project then you too can have an opportunity to help spread this message to the four corners of the earth.

   Just imagine others experiencing the joy of God’s Kingdom through the inspiring words and music of “Children of Zion,” "When Our King Returns,” or “ The New Jerusalem.” This is now possible, simply by you, or your organization taking this message to a world that needs it so desperately. And best of all this can be achieved at a very affordable cost.

Here’s how it works

   While most music CDs cost as much as $14.95, The World to Come is being offered at $5.95. This represents a substantial savings. However, there is even better news! With a purchase of ten or more CDs, each album will be offered at $3.95 which includes FREE shipping. Each album contains 14 original compositions with lyrics, plus a special bonus track, “The Warning.”

One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sales of this CD

are dedicated to advancing the Gospel.

With a purchase of 10 CDs or more

Free shipping         $3.95 Each          Free shipping

CDs are shipped within 48 hours



To pay by check or money order,

Please contact The World to Come.