This project is dedicated to our Great God and the wonderful vision He has for all His children.

Thanks and appreciation to the following fellow musicians who contributed their time, effort, and creative skills:


Curt Piar (engineer and various instruments), Anthony Warner (drums), Milo Todesco (drums), Leif Fearn (drums), Harmony Hoover (violin/vocals), Carolyn Brinkman (french horn), Anne Fruehling (flute), Laurie Martz (vocals),Jodi Lea Rothwell (vocals) and Paul Bartlett (vocals).

    Extra Special Thanks:


Terry Moore (bass/vocals), Dennis Fischer (vocals) for their many creative musical suggestions that helped make the CD what it is today! Also to my beautiful wife, Cathy Vild (vocals) who sacrificed many hours of her time believing in this project.



Engineered: Proving Ground Studios

Mastered: Hashimoto Studios

CD cover: Gary Barrett

CD design: Terry Moore