"Thanks you for sending that Great CD to me!!

I have placed all of the tracks on broadcast Indie Gospel Radio"

Michael Moss Indiana USA

"I have NEVER heard such a message behind christian music.

It's very unique, and there really is a good message behind the prophetic songs."

Linda Frey USA

"I sat here listening to the song, Emmanuel and at the same time

I was trying to think of something to say. "I couldn't find any word that would

express my feelings adequately. It's beautiful!!!...but those words seem so lacking.

I would love to have a copy of it. What a blessing!"

Connie Alabama USA

I love this station (JamX Radio)! There are so many talented acts, singing their

praises to God continuously. "No One Knows the Day or Hour"

is one of the best songs I've ever heard.

Fred W. Fraser III USA

Today I had the opportunity to listen to the music available on

download.com, and I quite enjoyed the music that you have written, and how you are

not afraid to express your love towards our Creator and Saviour. I am currently attending

Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. Every week we have a large group

meeting as the Acadia Christian Fellowship, in which we get together to sing, give praise and worship to God, as well as have other activities. I was wondering if we would be allowed to

perform your songs at one of these meetings, complete with an overhead for

others to see. You will of course receive proper credit for your work.

I was particularly moved by the song “ Emmanuel ” .

Jean-Marc Giffin Canada

"I was singing right along!" What are We Living For?" "Fantastic Song."

"The Video is good as well!"

Mark Moris England

"The music is very beautiful and the lyrics definitely point us to God"

Grace USA

"I received your CD yesterday!" " WOW!!" 

"It gave me such hope and gratitude for a better future through my faith in God."

Tracey Lontos California USA

"I did receive the CD, and it is wonderful.  I am going to pass it along to my friends."

Steve Kuehle California USA

"We listened to your CD on the way back and forth in the car last night and

the music really grows on you."

Steve Novak California USA 

I listened to the CD twice now, your passion and
creativity for your craft shines."

John Brinkman California USA

"Take a spiritual journey with Randy Vild as he unfolds a surprisingly

ambitious and effective blend of art rock and '60s-inspired pop." "One can hear

some of the Flaming Lips' otherworldly sensibilities and some of the Beatles'

psych-pop aesthetic." "Those influences give him the

means to lift his music up high."

CNET Downlaod.com

"I was surprised to hear the quality of the sound and mixing."

"I've heard other recordings in the market that sound far from professional."

"The instrumental piece, "The Warning" is very moving and also my favorite song.

Outstanding!! Please let me know if you are making a second album."

Abraham Rodriguez USA

"It was only now (after arriving home) that I listened to all of 15 tracks on your CD."  

"They were absolutely fantastic!"  "The music and lyrics are excellent and very creative." 

"I am joyful that God has given you (and your helpers) such great musical gifts."

"I wish to order 50 of your CDs so I can give them to various brethren prior

to the upcoming Feast of Tabernacles."

Lud Kiramidjian  USA

"I heard your song Emanuel on download.com and that

song nearly had me rolling in tears."

Jacob Swann  USA

I wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful, inspirational music!

The spirituality I feel as I listen moves my heart closer to God.

Trisha USA

I like all your songs.....My favorites are "Are We Worthy Enough" and

"New Jerusalem." I found all the songs easy to listen to and upliftiing,

even "The Warning" which has a more serious tone.

Sandra Taylor  USA



Greetings,  I ordered a couple of The World To Come cd's the other day and you had requested to know where I heard of it.  I found it on download.com one night and instantly connected with Emmanuell and Pass Over Me with all the other songs continuing to grow on me.  I always appretiate it when creative and origional music catches my ear and heart.  I believe God has created us to be creative and origional,  just like Him!   All to His glory!